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    Coin Price 24h %
    Back To Copy Trading: The Number of Copies For A Single Strategy Is As HIGH As 13,151

    Create Time:2022-01-21 10:10:54 UTCRead:41784 quantitative trading center has been renamed "copy trading" and is fully launched. New upgrades on products and functions have been added for quantitative trading enthusiasts. In addition, the strategy pool has been updated and optimized. Welcome to the new and improved quantitative trading center. You can become a signaler or follow a quantitative strategy now on our platform to easily manage your digital assets. copy trading has also launched a Telegram group chat to incentivise users to get rewards and join our weekly red packets.
    Discussion Telegram group chat link:

    Today’s Copy-Trading Strategy Recommendation

    In the current strategy pool, there are 1,092,796 strategies in progress and 140,905 strategies copied. The highest return of the strategy is as high as 686.91% and the users receive the highest cumulative profit of $224,360 by copying.

    Daily recommended strategies (from the quantitative traders below)

    (It’s a popular strategy which is witnessing higher recent returns, more copies, low drawdown and stable profits.)

    (It’s a reverse short with ever increasing yields and lower maximum drawdown. It is highly suitable for bear markets. What’s more, it has great potential in earning higher returns.)

    (This stable strategy comes with a win rate up to 100% and a low maximum drawdown.)

    (This strategy has great comprehensive performance, featuring a high ROI and win rate. )

    Click to view the quantitative leaderboard and view more strategies that are available for copy trading:

    How to copy strategy:

    Signaler Commission Ranking
    Users can view the performance of strategies created by other users in the leaderboard, and if they think a strategy has a better return than their own, they can copy a creator's strategy parameters to create an individualized version. All strategies are free to copy and 5% of the earnings will be returned to the signaller after the strategy is terminated.

    How to be a signaler Smart Quant provides quantitative strategy guidance. Users can easily learn how to become a signaler by referring to our help center.
    Smart Quant link at:

    *Please note that copying other signallers' trading decisions is risky and non-principal-capital-protected and may cause you to lose assets. Please proceed with caution before using the copy trading function.

    Become a signaller or quantitative strategy follower today at:

    Click here to enter the Web-Based Copy Trading Portal: You can also directly click "Copy Trading" on the top of the homepage to enter.

    Tap here to enter App-Based Copy Trading Portal:

    Sign up to enter the crypto gateway and get 40% commission from referrals

    Download iOS/Android App right now.

    Reach out to us!







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