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Gate.io Global Recruitment: Opening Up a New World

2021-10-19 12:27:02 UTCRead:9320940

Since the creation of Bitcoin, new technology has been created using the blockchain.Gate.io believes that through scientific, intelligent, and leading blockchain applications it can promote the world's economic, social development and improve people's lives. At Gate.io we welcome blockchain talents from all over the world to bring innovative blockchain services worldwide.

Join Gate.io Global Team

Gate.io pays attention to the collaborative development of the team and its members. In a free and open working environment, we jointly create, ute, and achieve cutting-edge blockchain content, with unity, efficiency, professionalism, and internationalization as our labels.

Browse through the information below to find a position where we can help you harness your true potential.

Gate.io is excited and looks forward to you joining our team!

Software Development Manager

We are a well-established global blockchain company. We are looking for software development manager to lead a development team in charge of both back and front-end development on company trading platform according to agreed scope and time-lines.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer related majors; Have good communication skill and ution ability;

2. Familiar with Linux . Either be proficient in at least one mainstream programming language (such as C/C++, Golang, PHP, etc.) or have experience of implementing front-end frameworks using React.js, etc.;

3. Experience in managing the software development team;

4. Experience in quantitative trading platform development is preferred.

Key Account Manager


1. Responsible for the development of major accounts or institutional accounts, including but not limited to platform cooperation, product marketing, etc.

2. Responsible for the analysis and mining of user growth data, paying attention to the growth of users and writing research reports, etc.

3. Pay attention to external competitor, communicate and cooperate with other departments to implement development plan.


1. Bachelor degree or above, Fluent in English (working language).

2. At least 1 year banking investment working experience or international finance background.

3. Experience in cooperation channels and user growth, passion for blockchain industry is preferred.

Global Media Manager


1. Customize the content and communication strategies around various overseas media, promote the writing and landing of different types of foreign news articles/media materials, and maintain close communication with overseas media, discuss cooperation opportunities, and strive for more diverse forms of exposure for the brand.

2. Integrate and move the company's internal resources and external suppliers to improve the localization level of content and form

3. Cooperate with the business department to support the dissemination of various brand activities and exhibitions, strengthen product awareness and be responsible for the effectiveness of project product announcements

4. Leading brands in the company’s internal and external public opinion environment research, monitoring and management, to promote and respond to emergencies


1. Bachelor degree or above, 3 years or more of overseas media public relations work experience, English CET 4 or CET 6/ TEM-4, TEM-8

2. Excellent writing ability and written expression level, familiar with the media environment in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, and have a rich media resource network in a single or multiple overseas markets;

3. Have experience in handling overseas public opinion, and have methodological precipitation for brand reputation maintenance and public opinion management

4. Have strong communication and coordination skills and event planning skills, clear logical thinking skills, and result-oriented thinking.

Global Social Media Operations


1. Responsible for the establishment and operation of the industry community to build a

community operation , main platforms are telegram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook,

WhatsApp, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

2. Responsible for the planning and organization of community activities, based on market

changes, collecting feedback on market demand and industry information, targeted operation and activity direction.


1. At least 3 years of Internet operation experience, Engaging in the emerging financial technology industry.

2. Familiar with the characteristics of global new media features like: Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc., have operational planning and ution capabilities.

3. Have Internet marketing skills, good at user analysis and event planning.

More recruitment positionshttps://www.gate.io/en/page/careers

Please send your resume to the mailbox: hr@gateio.me (title format: name + application direction)

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Gate.io Team

Oct 19, 2021

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