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Trading and Settlement Fees
Updated at:51 days 4 hours ago
When the futures contract reaches the delivery date, Gate.io will charge a certain percentage of the trading fee according to the position value (based on the settlement price), and there will not be any other liquidation fee.

Futures Contract Funding Rate:
Maker: -0.025%, which will be returned to the account.
Taker: 0.075%, in which 0.025% will be charged and the rest will be paid to the Maker.
Futures contract funding rate: 0.015%
Since there is a delivery date for a futures contract, no funding fee will be charged.

The trading fee is calculated as:
Trading Fee = Position Value * Funding Rate

The laddered system has been applied to the contract funding fee:
1.Laddered system and the point card discount coexist. When placing an order, the order fee rate will be charged according to the laddered standard, and the funding rate for Takers can be selected according to the user's preference.
2.If there are point cards in an account, the Taker rate will remain at 0.075%. ( The overall rate will be reduced to 0.04% at the lowest. )
3.If there is no point card left, the laddered funding rate system will be applied according to the VIP level. Both spot and contract apply to the same program and share the VIP level.

Laddered Funding Rate Table:

For example:
User A has traded 100USDT BTC_USDT contract at the market price, VIP level 10;
User B has placed and traded 100USDT BTC_USDT contract, VIP level 10;
User A has reduced the market depth, VIP 10 refers to a Taker funding rate of 0.03%, that the user needs to pay 100 * 0.03% = 0.03USDT as the funding fee;
User B has increased the market depth by placing an order and traded successfully, VIP10 refers to a Maker funding rate of -0.005%, that the funding fee reward is: 100 * ( -0.005% ) = -0.005USDT, that the user can receive 0.005USDT.

If the example mentioned above is settled on the settlement day, then both user A and user B need to pay:
100 * 0.015% = 0.015USDT as settlement fee, and no liquidation fee will be charged.
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