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How to Use Mixed Collateral
Updated at:56 days 17 hours ago

In order to provide contract users with a more flexible and convenient trading experience, Gate.io now offers USDT Perpetual contract which allows mixed collateral loans.

Through mixed collateral, users can collateralize the BTC and ETH in their spot accounts and borrow a maximum of 100,000 USDT for contract trading with zero interest. Users do not need to sell their digital assets or transfer funds to the contract account. Margin will be automatically deducted from the spot account. Mixed collateral loans cannot be withdrawn. As of now, this feature remains only web-based but is going to be updated on app soon. Currently, only BTC and ETH are available as collateral. Gate.io is working to increase the number of collateral currencies.

The mixed collateralized loan is the value conversion of the collateral to resist the risk of contract liquidation. Since no actual borrowing occurs, there is no handling fee. However, when the loan-to-value ratio exceeds the threshold, no matter other assets are sufficient in the contract, there will be a forced liquidation on the collateralized assets, which is irrelevant to the amount of trading margin in the contract account. Please make sure that there is sufficient collateral for contract margin loans. When the LTV ratio rises, please promptly increase the amount of collateral currency.

Loan-to-value Ratio (LTV Ratio) is the ratio of a borrowed loan to the value of its collateral. A lower loan-to-value ratio indicates lower risks of liquidation.

How to borrow funds using mixed collateral:( U settled perpetual contract as an example)

1.Go to "Trade"-"Perpetual"-"U settled". 2.Find "Mixed Collateral" under "Asset" and click on "Borrow Manage". 3.Enter the desired amount of USDT and select the collateral currency(BTC or ETH) and LTV ratio. Enter the collateral amount and click on "Confirm Loan". 4.When repaying the loan, go to "Wallet" and find "Contract Account". Check the loan amount and find out how to repay under "Perpetual"-"Collateral".


Note: Margin will be automatically deducted from the spot account. Mixed collateralized loans cannot be withdrawn.

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